Headshot Tips

Headshot tip for headshots

This isn’t your typical list and it shouldn’t be. You taking headshots and its not often that a person focuses this much attention to a professional photographer. You need to be at your best and I believe this guide I have created below, will give wardrobe the proper love it deserves. So lets start.

The main focus of the headshot should be your face, and the only thing that can be distracting in an image is your clothing. You want a photo that will be striking and stand out from the others in a good way. In a way that represents you and gives everyone the most accurate depictions of you. This is not glamour shots and your clothing needs to reflect a more relaxed professional you.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your headshot so we can achieve the best image possible.

  • Wear a top that is a solid color. Prints and patterns do not photograph nearly as well, and may take away from the focal point of the headshot–your face. Also try to avoid writing and logos on any shirts. They will do no favors and always end up distract the frame. Try to bring one option that matches your eye color ? this can make your eyes pop.
  • Focus on bringing a variety of necklines? this is all that will show in the majority of your shots. If you want to elongate your neck, wear a v-neck. To show off your collarbones, wear a scoop-necked shirt. Women, bring at least three camisoles and bras. I would like to recommend a black, nude, and white bra. This give use the most options with wardrobe.
  • Colors should be earth-toned and compliment the skin, hair and eyes. Neon and overly saturated color shirts will take focus away from you. If you have brown eyes, greens, blues or light browns will work the best. Stay away from plain white and black shirts. Layering clothing can give you dimension and give your personality a different feel.
  • Bring several choices of tops with you to the photo shoot. This will give you options.?Sometimes, what looks good in person does not look as good on film and vice versa. Therefore, you will want to have options and be able to change your look.

1 Look please bring 5-6 Tops
2 Look please bring 6-8 Tops
3 Look please bring 7-10 Tops

  • Keep your hair and hands out of your face. You want the employer or casting director to be able to see your face very well, and you don’t want any part of it to be hidden.
  • Resist the urge to wear accessories. In terms of headshots, less is more.
  • Make sure your clothing is well-fitted to your body. Tailored clothing goes a long way to making a shoot look great. Avoid bulky or rumpled clothes.
  • Don?t worry so much about your pants! Odds are slim we?ll ever see them but just in case please bring a dark pair of denim jeans.

Other things to consider before your headshot:

  • Make sure to drink lots of water in the week leading up to your shoot.
  • Make sure you are well-rested for the shoot.
  • Try to avoid excessive drinking or smoking in the week leading to the shoot ? the effects on your skin will show in the photographs.
  • Lastly, If you have an agent please consult with them to determine the image types they want. This will greatly help you being successful in this industry. If you don?t have an agent then you need to analyze yourself and see what jobs you might be auditioning for.?Common ?types? for Men: Young CEO, Boy next door, athletic fit, grandpa, young dad.?Common ?types? for Women: Young Mom (ages18-29), Mom, young CEO, young business casual, Girl next door. I also recommend that you look at TV and print Ads and envision the roles you honestly see yourself playing.