Research shows that without a professional headshot you may be passed over for job opportunities. Without a corporate headshot in Chicago you?re missing out on the chance to rise to your full potential, have all the perks from the big salary to the corner office, and get the respect and credit you deserve.

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At Joshua Albanese Photography we know what it takes to make you stand out. Joshua Albanese created the unique Natural Shot Method, our foundation for getting you the best corporate headshot. We know how to craft amazing corporate headshots better than anyone in Chicago.
Together, we will get you an image that reflects and represents you. An image that shows your superiors, colleagues, even high school classmates that you take yourself and your career seriously. Show what you?re capable of, demonstrate your credibility, and achieve your fullest potential with a great corporate headshot today.

I went in for a corporate headshot and the experience was efficient but not at all rushed. Josh helped me narrow down some basic wardrobe options and reduced what would have been an overwhelming amount of pictures. I had a high quality, retouched headshot back within a week and am very happy with the results. – Eric J Chicago, IL

Business Headshot Package

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  • $497

  • 60 Minute Session
  • Unlimited images
  • 2 Retouched images
  • High Resolution Images
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Headshots Are An Investment

And like all investments in yourself, you need your headshot to provide excellent return on investment. When you consider how much more money you?d be making if you were promoted, what?s the potential ROI of a headshot? What would it be worth if you compounded your increased income over time? That amount could mean the difference between retiring in an estate with a groundskeeper or working right up until the day you die.

Linkedin Profile Pictures That Turn Heads

When you’re making decisions online, whether you?re searching Linkedin or Facebook, you quickly pass over those people or brands who don?t have attention-getting profile pictures. Hiring managers are no different. They want to know who they?re talking to, they want to recognize you when you come in for your interview, they want to see that you understand the importance of building a consistent and reliable brand. And they want proof that you?re familiar with social media and its importance, whether or not it?s a part of your job.

If you want to stand out from the sea of boring white resumes, advance your career, protect your job security, and be recognized as an authority in your field, you need a professional headshot.

Headshots in Chicago

Without a professional portrait, you risk that a person who?s less skilled and less qualified will be chosen for a promotion over you. And they?ll be chosen because they present a more compelling image of professionalism and respectability online! That might not be fair but that?s the reality of doing business. And each job that you don?t get offered means one more year working under your capacity and for less money than you deserve.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Do I need a makeup artist?

Makeup Artists are always an option for your shoot. We do recommend them, especially for women. Why? Because there are many components to capturing a great shot and being concerned about makeup and hair isn’t one of them. If you select this option you will have a trained stylist on set making sure your skin, hair, and makeup are outstanding.

Can I order additional Headshots in my package?

Of Course! We want to help you pick the best headshots for your personal brand. This is your opportunity to select as many images as you wish from your session.

What is the turnaround time for my corporate headshot?

We guarentee to deliver your edited headshot in 5 business days or less. We usually get them finished within 48 hours.

Who is the photographer?

Love this question! Joshua Albanese is the owner and his time is spent on many shoots across the country. He has trained several photographers in his style of headshots, The Natural Shot Method, which he created to get a great headshot everytime. You can want to book with Joshua you can reach out to us for a quote. Everything is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What do you mean by 100% satisfaction guaranteed?

It means we are committed to getting you a headshot that you love. If you don’t love your image, we will photograph you for free until you do.

What is High Resolution?

We maintain the highest of quality throughout the process, which means we photograph you on the best equipment. The digital image you will receive is so high-quality you could print it on a billboard if you wanted. You will also receive web-ready versions that you can easily upload to LinkedIn and other social media sites without resizing.

Just as you only want to give and do your best, you want to work with the best Chicago headshot photographer. Contact us right now.