Staff Headshots

Staff Headshots

Most staff headshots looks boring, bland, and basic. Row after row of uncomfortable-looking faces, glaring at you from a lifeless corporate website. Your prospective clients judge you by the quality of your digital images, and great staff headshots can be the difference between just staying afloat and blowing things out of the water.

Headshots of your staff should communicate more than just what they look like. They should demonstrate the diversity, the creativity, and the respectability of your company. Great headshots make your team stand out in a sea of competition. They are one of the smartest investments you can make in your business and they produce an immediate return on investment that compounds over time.

Group Corporate Headshot Chicago

At Joshua Albanese photography we have been chosen by some of Chicago’s most respected businesses such as Accenture and US Foods to shoot their corporate headshots. Whether you have a staff of five or five hundred, we can deliver headshots that your employees will be proud to see online. We know you want to stand out from your competition while building authority and respectability in your field, which is why you should hire the best Chicago staff photographer. Contact us now for a quote.

Great headshots build confidence and authority. We take headshots that accurately represent your corporate culture while showing off your greatest assets: your team.
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